Lunch Menu Option 2

In Lunch, Sample Menus by Phil's Catering and Rentals

Buffet Style



Served with sunflower bread and butter

                     Dinner rolls, white, whole wheat, multigrain

                     Crossant rolls, 

Choice one from the following: salads:  Caesar, garden, house, Cole slaw, potato, mushroom, Greek, veggie, Pasta, 

                                                                 Corn, bean sprout, chickpea, cous cous

Other _______________________


                                                       Soup:  beef barley, vegetable, chicken noodle, chicken 

                                                                    Vegetable, split pea, cream of mushroom, 

                                                                      Cream of broccoli, etc…


Choice one of the following    Chicken and Dumpling

                                                 Beef Chilli             

                                                 Veggie chilli options for vegetrain and vegan


Condiment Grated Cheddar cheese

  Sour cream

Diced onions

Diced peppers

Crushed chilli peppers

Beverage : juice tomatoe, V8, apple, orange, mango

      Milk white 2%, 1%  or chocolate

      Hot chocolate, apple cidar, 

    Coffee, decafe, flavour, tea, herbal