Celebration of Life Menu

In Celebration of Life, Sample Menus by Phil's Catering and Rentals

Appetizer Reception Menu

Hot items 

Broiled meatballs in a mushroom cream sauce or mushroom tomato sauce

Homemade quiches:  broccoli and cheddar, and tradition quiche Loraine (bacon and cheese)

Pigs in a blanket served with plum sauce or honey mustard sauce

Cold Items

Platters of selection of cheese and crackers

              Fresh vegetables with dipping sauce


Homemade cookies and fancy pastries


Freshly brewed regular coffee, de-cafe coffee, tea, and 100% freshly chilled fruit juice

Luncheon Reception Menu

Platters of fresh vegetables with dipping sauce

                 selection of cheese and crackers 

                  selection of sandwiches may include egg salad, roast beef, smoke ham, salmon, tuna, 

                                                                               Cajun chicken, pastrami etc…

                   Selection of pickles and olives


Homemade cookies and fancy pastries

Fresh fruit