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Hot Items - Canapes
Bacom wraps -liver, scallops, crab$35.00 
sweet chili shrimps$35.00 
oyster florentinemarket price 
clams casino$30.00 
BBQ Baby Back Ribs$30.00 
BBQ Baby Back Ribs$30.00 
satay's chicken, pork, beef, lamb$35.00 
spring rolls veggie$25.00 
spring rolls seafood$35.00 
BBQ Meatball$25.00 
Swedish Meatballs$30.00 
Chickenballs in mushroom sauce$35.00 
mini pizza$30.00 
Mini Quice Lorena, spinach, broccoli$25.00 
puff pastry with tapneade$22.00 
puff pastry with cream cheese and prosciutto ham$30.00 
puff pastry with brushetta$25.00 
Puff pastry with cream cheese and smoke salmon$30.00 
filo wrapped with crab and brie, spinach$25.00 
Rack of Lamb in garlic and rosemary$45.00 
Lamb lion season served on crout and topped with tonato relish$40.00 
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