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"Catering For All Occasions"


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Cold Items

Hot Items

Buffet Style
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Cold Items - Canapes
stuffed mushrooms with roasted red peppers and cream cheese 
stuffed mushrooms with tapenado 
stuffed tomatoes with with pesto  
stuffed tomatoes with guacamole 
deviled eggs 
pate de maison on crout 
caviar on pancake 
cucumber roundel with smoke salmon 
cucumber roundel with smoke trout pate 
mini eclairs stuffed with gruyere cheese 
Shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce  
fresh oysters - seasonal 
fresh fruit kabob 
assorted finger sandwiches 
Bocconcini & Tomatoe Skewers 
snow pea stuffed with cream cheese and smoke salmon 
Mango Salsa & Smoke Salmon served with spoons 
Crab, green onion, coriander, and truffle oil topped with Brie, Served on spoons or Belgium lettuce 
Peach & champagne gazpacho served in shooter glass 
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