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"Catering For All Occasions"


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Cold Items

Hot Items

Buffet Style
Update Routine
Buffet Style
Cheese, meat & cracker platter
Veggie & Dip
Pickle and olive platter
Devil egg platter
Variety of hors’douver platter
Hummus, Tapenade, roast red pepper and & cream cheese with pita bread
Spinach, guacamole, pate, served with pumpernickel bread
Nacho served with salsa sauce

Hot items

Streamed mussels
Meatballs in a mushroom or tomato sauce
Baby back ribs tossed in honey and garlic sauce
Chicken wings tossed in BBQ sauce
Pigs in blanket
Min quiches

Fresh fruit platter
Home made mixed pastries

Beverages table

Tropical fruit juice
Raspberry, cranberry, ice tea punch
Coffee and tea
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